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Welcome to Self Improvement Affirmations


Top 10 Self Affirmations for Your Personal Growth

Are you looking for the best positive affirmations and positive self-scripts?

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"I promise me" Positive Affirmations

I promise me?

Peace - inner peace
Love - true love
Happiness - smile more, laugh more
Be healthy
Be positive
Be motivated
Be confident
Be successful
Be inspired
Be generous - give more
Be grateful - Thank you God
Good friends
More family time
More "ME" time
To be the best me ever!
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I am, I can, I will?

"I am" Affirmations

I am alive
I am healthy
I am happy
I am connected with God
I am protected and safe
I am a good person       
I am beautiful
I am strong       
I am competent 
I am intelligent  
I am loving        
I am energetic
I am enthusiastic
I am generous
I am forgiving
I am free
I am relaxed
I am courageous
I am trusting
I am caring       
I am smart        
I am creative
I am productive
am thankful

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"I can" Affirmations

I can change
I can grow
I can gain self-confidence
I can be strong  
I can let go of fear
I can be positive
I can laugh and have fun
I can love my children
I can let go of guilt
I can be assertive          
I can lose weight
I can stop smoking        
I can heal
I can take risks
I can be a winner           
I can handle my own problems   
I can be honest with my feelings
I can let go of being compulsive  
I can control my temper 
I can succeed

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"I will" Affirmations

I will have a GREAT day
I will love myself better everyday.  
I will respect myself day.  
I will feel less guilt each day.
I will manage my time better today.
I will feel good things about me today.
I will be healthy each day.
I will take care of me today.
I will challenge myself to change today
I will control my stress today.  
I will grow emotionally stronger today
I will smile more everyday.  
I will praise my children today.
I will sleep peacefully tonight.
I will face my fears courageously today
I will take on only what I can do today.
I will handle my money wisely today.
I will take a risk to grow today.
I will give more today
I will say ?thank you God? each day.

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Quote of the day

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count"
 It's the life in your years"  - Abraham Lincoln

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