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´╗┐Self-Confidence Best Quotes: Its ALL in the Mind

from: Christine Gray

Your inner self will recognize whatever you say to yourself.

What if you repeatedly say that you are bad, that no one trusts you, that you cannot do anything or you are afraid to face people... YOU, the inner you will reaffirm all of these negative thoughts to be truths, when actually they are not.

Whatever you take in will be ingested by your personality and will eventually be integrated into your wholeness without you even knowing it. It will all come to you naturally as if it must be the way things should or it must be the condition you have to suffer.

Most positive reinforcements these days use the phrase, "I think I can". This works and many are known to have reaped the price of having this positive thought.

You see, it all lies in the mind. The things you make your mind believe will be embedded into it.

Not all of us have the confidence of facing people, or the confidence to say what we want. We, therefore, are impeded to perform the things we want to finish or to achieve a goal we have set for ourselves. One crucial failure, everything else will fail.

If your work relies on having to address people every now and then and you lack the self-confidence of even standing in front of them, you are as good as finding another work that would provide you with the comfort of not having to face your fear.

There are ways to conquer lack of self-confidence. In many cases, solutions will dawn on you, such is called enlightenment. You will just find yourself saying- "hey! I've been wasting all my life shying away from people. I might find pleasure in approaching challenges that would require me to face my very fear."

Or, the need for self-confidence will come on you after encountering the term "self-confidence". This might sound corny but it works and it happens in many ways possible.

In the same manner that you have convinced yourself of not having enough self-confidence will you also find ways to make yourself believe that you are capable of doing something and of being something.

If you label yourself as the "worm of the earth, good for nothing creature", you are sure to get that. But assert an attitude that will strengthen your character as the self confident person you have seen in wide spectrum ways, then sit still for you are on a sure way to winning yourself over from the pressure of the negative soul in you.

The use of self-confidence has found value in self-hypnotism, as many call the attitude of repeating phrases to bring about a specific, gradual reaction towards a behavioral condition. It is like strengthening your belief through a mantra.

Mantra, by nature, is a phrase that are repetitively said or murmured. This same principle can also be used in creating a positive reinforcement in changing the way you view things, in this case yourself.

Your low self-confidence is only in the mind. And so, the cure that you can use is mind power. Think positively about yourself and say self-confidence quotes that you find reassuring. That way, you will call in your inner self to take action and take you away from the mud of not having enough belief in the YOU that lives inside.

Christine Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of self confidence. Her website provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about self improvement. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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