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Building Self-Confidence and Childhood: Is there a Links Between them

from: Christine Gray

Human as we are, we give the universe its brightness. Our contributions, however irrelevant they seem to us, add bits of importance on how men navigate through time. It only takes a single candle to give light in a small room, but the light of many candles is immeasurable.

Building is the tangible beginning of most things. One has to build first before he ever can say that he really has done something to add to his achievements in this world. His soul shall be an eternal spark in the universe. Whatever sparks that soul can give, for whether it is bright or dim light, that would remain to be a celestial part in existence.

You can neither be a spark or a candle if you cannot believe in yourself. You cannot give a dim room light if you yourself have no light to convince yourself that you are significant. It all lies in your belief in things that you can do and in your acceptance of things that you cannot change. You are a single being yet the world depends on you.

If you have not enough self-confidence, how would you accept the privilege of shedding the world some light? Let alone, becoming a tiny spark in the universe? Believe. It all stems from your belief.

Have faith in yourself, in what you are capable of doing, in what you are capable of becoming. You have potentials that you can crop up to create for yourself a better person, apart from who you were when you were scared of shining out.

When we were young, we tend to become fearful of the world. This is inevitable. But this fear only comes from not knowing anything. Nevertheless, we are also confident of ourselves. And our confidence overshadows the fright that we may have once we reach out for something unknown to us.

And that is when we have learned to build our confidence. The foundation was strong only because we know nothing of the fears that creep into our very bones. And as we age, we have learned to interpret challenges as hurdles to becoming ourselves, our confident and brave selves. Thus, we succumb into becoming mortals…fearful of anything that threatens us with dismay to life.

Many people have exchange their childhood confidence with fears of not being understood, or of being pushed away or of being unimportant. This is the case for most yet this must never be. The result in the end is lack of self-confidence and the defensive mechanisms that people have integrated into their personalities to mask their weaknesses.

And so, these people have to find ways to learn things that will help boost their self-confidence. This is utterly hard especially when you already have become embedded in your own negative self-image. However, it is never impossible to renew yourself and find the person that you must have been if it weren't for your acceptance of defeat when you set out to do battle with life.

It is never too late to regain the self-confidence you had before. You may start from scratch or you may choose to gather what was left of your confidence into a heap and start working with it. Building again may be difficult and you really have to take all the rumbles off the site. But it would all be worth it.

Christine Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of self confidence. Her website provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about self improvement. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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