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´╗┐Creativity Exercises: The Creative Genius in You

from: C P Gray

Creative genius is your birthright. You were brought to this world with all the tools and potential to be able to think in an outstanding manner. Everyone knows that life is as serous as it gets, but still, do not let this fact hinder you from giving yourself that mental freedom to be the creative genius that you were absolutely born to be!

The world nowadays is just brimming with the latest forms of technology. Students, doing research, would rather surf the world wide web than manually flip the pages of an encyclopedia. Those who want to keep notes of their professor's lectures would just hit the keyboard of their laptops than use the traditional method of pen and paper. People just rely so much on technological advances.

But do you know that you possess the finest computer ever? Yes, that is right. You might not know this, but your brain is actually one, if not the best, of the greatest computers ever designed. It has everything you seek in a regular computer. Its ability to classify and differentiate pieces of information, speed and the size of its "hard disk" are just more than you can probably comprehend.

However, despite this revelation, you can still sometimes notice that you leave that precious brain of yours at an idle mode. Therefore, you need to exercise your brain to make it productive once again. Stretch exercises are simple exercises made to bring, if necessary, drag, you out of your comfort zones for you to be able to be more creative.

The new connections your brain make will simultaneously cause neurons to flow, thus growing your willingness and capacity to think and act in ways that are deemed to be uncommon.

Stretch exercises are creativity exercises that are purposely designed to untighten your brain, dare you in regards of your habits and tickle your funny bone, to the extent that you get to laugh your hardest.

These creativity exercises are actually just simple and straight-out tasks that you can perform at almost anywhere, from your workplace to your house. If you are thinking about those tons of pounds that you have to carry on your forearms and shoulders, then you are on the wrong thinking track.

Creativity exercises are exercises that you can do even when you are just sitting down. Now you ask, just what kinds of exercises are these creativity exercises?

To make you understand more, look at your watch and move it to your other wrist. After doing so, all kinds of hallucinations get to your mind, like noticing that one of your wrists is bigger than the other. After the switch, try to keep it there for one whole day. For sure, you would be itching to switch it back. You have, indeed, pushed yourself outside your comfort routines, and by doing so, you have made your brain even more creative!

You can do one creativity exercise daily, but you can also do many if you prefer. Whichever you will choose, it is guaranteed that you will think in new directions, therefore seeing things in a different perspective. The changes you will have made are sure to make you enjoy.

The whole point of engaging yourself in creativity exercises is to be more open and accepting to different possibilities that surround you and these exercises will also teach you to be less reliant on your old style. Having an open and creative mind is always sure to find you better solutions.

Christine P Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of creativity. Her website provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about self improvement. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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