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Emotional Intelligence Examples

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Since emotional intelligence covers one's ability to maintain relationships, it would be good to discuss here in brief examples of interpersonal skills that are crucial in developing emotional intelligence.

Aside from the conventional measure of intelligence that we know of (IQ), there are other intelligence that we can use as the bases for assessing people.

The innate capabilities of human have various facets and should not only be limited to one or two measurements. In fact, there are multiple types of intelligence that may appear in various intensities and combinations for people. Some may be lacking with one and some may have a good mixture of most intelligence. That variety of combinations stems from the development of the person and is largely determined by the type of environment and the biological factors relating to his development of such intelligence.

Men are a mixture of different preferences, personalities, attitudes, strengths and weaknesses. It is therefore not suitable for anyone to typify one person into a single category of multiple intelligence. One may find his strength in intrapersonal intelligence but may find numbers or logical analysis boring. Or others are specially gifted with music but lack the skill to analyze spatial problems. Thus, over reliance on the value of a single aspect of intelligence will in the end prove to be counter-active.

Say for example, there are people who are intellectually competent yet unfit for social interaction. Or there are those who have talents in kinesthetic but not as good with language use and linguistics. There are cases though that one has developed skills in a single intelligence and in the process, has developed other types. This goes true with music and kinesthetic and vice versa.

The closest that we can relate to emotional intelligence though are the interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence, the latter having the closest association.

Intrapersonal intelligence is the ability to become self-aware, to delve deep into one's own personality and to become capable of having a complete understanding of oneself. This also goes to show that people with high intrapersonal intelligence are good at personal cognizance, at identifying changes and reactions to personal thoughts, behaviors and understanding one's own behaviors at any given situation. They also have the skills to understand other people and to build harmonious relationship with the people surrounding them while being able to understand their emotions to use these in maintaining relationships.

Having said that, it is obvious that our understanding of intrapersonal intelligence is closely intertwined with our knowledge on emotional intelligence. There is too little difference between the two. Only, intrapersonal intelligence is much too focused on self-discovery and self-reflection while emotional intelligence deals more on the emotions that would create better judgments for a person.

Central to this empathy. People with higher interpersonal intelligence are those who have heightened sensitivity to other people's feelings which in turn helps them interpret reactions and behaviors that are vital in sustaining good relationship with others. They also have the skills to influence other people and to counsel them. Thus, they may affect others in planned ways.

The examples we have given on both interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence are deemed to find the links between emotional intelligence and various aspects of personality. Remember though that emotional intelligence is still a separate field which must be treated in manners applicable only to this relatively new area of psychology. Nonetheless, our knowledge on the relationships between the three will all lead to better judgements when discussing emotional intelligence.

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