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Fruits of Pure Happiness

from: Christine Gray

Pure happiness is said to be both an inner glow and an outer radiation that you can feel together with an utmost satisfaction.

Any dictionary will give you the definition of happiness as an emotional feeling which parallels with joy, contentment, and pleasure. But then these things can thus be temporary. It matters to dig deeper into the real meaning of happiness—a happiness that is pure and long lasting.

What makes you happy? Is it the material things such as money, clothes, signature footwear and bags? Do you go for long-term states of happiness such as security, stable health, and love? Which do you value the most? Have you gained access to pure happiness? When was the last time you felt pure happiness? Have you given your all to a certain endeavor and you felt satisfied with all those efforts you've placed?

Recognizing pure happiness is a must. There are several occurrences when you have been misled to the real deal with pure happiness and simple pleasure. To mark a definition between the two, it is vital that you know the exact difference that comes with the two terms. Pleasure is a thing of feeling terrific over something. Examples of pleasurable experiences are a vacation over the holidays, a spa treat during the weekend, a good basketball game, and so on. Meanwhile, pure happiness is far from feeling emotionally at ease. It goes more beyond enjoyment. In pure happiness lies contentment and engrossment.

So what is it that let people have pure happiness? Researchers have identified factors that can fully describe pure happiness in a person. They say that people from all walks of life experience true happiness but are just too occupied to pay any attention to it simply because they fail to recognize what pure happiness and pleasure mean.

Among the significant clues of pure happiness are being totally immersed with what you are doing, when you have your full participation on an event or engagement, when you are enjoying to the extreme but you've certainly got no idea with regards to the time, to the passing day, to the other occurrences taking place in your surroundings, and the genuine satisfaction that you feel. These are the instances that can tell you that you've got nothing but pure happiness in your mind and heart.

Pure happiness is actually a state wherein you feel like going along with the flow. You seem to be going along with the rock and roll that sets off smoothly, hassle-free, and effortlessly. It can be compared to an experience wherein the ticking of the clock suddenly stops and you become totally oblivious of the things that go on around you.

Pure happiness is a great feeling of satisfaction which is totally incomparable to the simple pleasures you get when you see your favorite baseball team winning. Pure happiness is felt when you overcome a challenge which has been posed to you.

There is chance of pure happiness for every individual. Do not be taken aback by the negative thought that pure happiness is only meant for other people. You deserve to experience pure happiness. When pure happiness comes your way, you can attest to how blessed you are as a person. Therefore, take time to reconcile things and occurrences in your life. Never fail to give importance to the value of pure happiness.

C Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of happiness. Her website www.selfimprovementsguide.com provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about self improvement. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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