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Chinese Symbol of Happiness: Seeing Red in One

from: www.SelfImprovementsGuide.com

One famous example of a Chinese symbol for happiness is a red envelope. According to their tradition, red envelopes stand for good luck, prosperity and happiness. The color red itself can stand for all these things. All these life’s aspects are the ones wished to be achieved by the persons receiving the envelope.

Red envelopes and happiness.

Red is in itself a connotation of happiness in Chinese. When this color is put into envelopes, it is only right that happiness is shared to other people.

Chinese people have a lot of symbolisms and colors that they associate with aspects of life, love and especially happiness. It is their belief that by having more of these symbols and colors around, you and your life will be pushed towards the direction you want to.

Happiness is one thing people are looking for regardless of race, culture, age, and heritage. This is more so for the Chinese people. For every event and occasion, there is a chosen symbol that Chinese people bestow on others to wish them happiness. May it be a birthday, wedding or New Year, Chinese people like to give out things that stand for and is a medium of happiness in life.

Red envelopes is for prosperity in your home.

You can also invite prosperity into your home using the red envelopes even if they were not given as a token. You can do this by putting two coins inside and putting them in your doorframe.

But if you have someone you wish to receive prosperity, you can make use of the same red envelope and give it to him or her as a gift. In the process of wishing them prosperity, you are also wishing them happiness in life.

Red envelopes and teachings.

Red envelopes are also used by masters in Feng Shui as part of what they teach their students. For every knowledge and teaching, a student is required to give the master a red envelope.

The envelopes are given without anything in it. But according to traditions, they should contain small gold bars, coins or valuable gifts.

Traditional masters are still doing the practice today. However, there are other explanations why red envelopes are given to the masters. They may serve as a thank you gift for the master who has imparted many useful teachings and knowledge to his students. Since the feng shui art is something that takes time and practice to achieve, it is only right that a small token is given by those who have been imparted some of its essence.

Another way of looking at it has a more negative implication. It is believed that the information and knowledge that is being given by the masters will eventually give him back luck. But this is depending on the way the art is used by the students.

That is why giving out red envelopes is one way of blocking the negative forces that might befall the master later on. These envelopes serve as his protection.

Today, you will see an abundance of red envelopes during special occasions like Christmas and New Year. They might not mean anything to you before. But now that you know the meaning behind giving off these envelopes, you will probably take them more seriously the next time you get one. You might be missing more thoughts of happiness and prosperity by not having these red envelopes in your home.

C Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of happiness. Her website www.selfimprovementsguide.com provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about self improvement. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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