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Self Improvement - Product #1

"Self Improvement Made Easy"

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?


 "Learn How To Effectively Improve Yourself Now And Change Your Life Forever!"

How many times have you thought about changing your life? 
Have you been frustrated with the way things are, but can't figure out how to change? 
Are you feeling badly about choices that you've made, but can't seem to figure out how to do things better? Wouldn't you like to finally live the life that you've imagined?

"Improve Yourself Now" will help you finally tackle those changes you've wanted to make in your life without being as hard as it might have seemed in the past!


Self Improvement - Product #2

"Investing in You"

"How To Use The Power Of Positive Thinking To Start Investing In YOU!"

Positive Thinking is a Bunch of Crap – and Crap Makes Great Fertilizer

“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” - Herm Albright

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard about the power of positive thinking. Basically, this is a theory that contends if you believe good things will happen to you, there will be some sort of cataclysmic shift in the energies surrounding you which will actually cause good things to happen to you. For as many people who believe in the power of positive thinking, there are many more who believe it’s all a bunch of New Age pop psychology drivel or sugar-coated Peter Pan platitudes.

Here’s the kicker: they’re all right.



Self Improvement - Product #3

"I Can. Therefore, I Will"

Warning: Once you say you can't, you just never will.

"How to Conquer Your Fears, Turn Your Dreams into Reality, and Get Anything You Want in Life by Unleashing the Full Powers of Your Mind!"

Do you believe that you can attain anything your heart desires?

I'm telling you, you can!

…because you have the power - the power to mold your personality into someone you always wanted to be, the power to shape your future according to how you wanted to live, and the power to create your destiny as to how you wanted to make certain things happen.

Exciting, isn't it? Definitely!

I bet you haven't thought how powerful you can be. Yes, you are capable of attaining your heart's deepest desires - by unleashing the hidden powers of your mind!

I Can. Therefore, I Will! Unleashing the Full Potentials of Your Mind 
will teach you how to fully utilize your mind's abilities.

You'll learn to train your mind on how to create positive reality through positive thoughts.

There's a saying that "If you think you can or you can't, you're right."

There is no doubt that you can accomplish anything if you put your mind into it. The only problem is that many people do not know how to use their minds to their best advantage.

The Mind is So Powerful that Once These Thoughts Enter Your System, They Will Turn into Reality!

If the world says you can’t, say “I can. Therefore, I will.”


Self Improvement - Product #4

"The Speed Reading Monster Course"


 "How To Effectively Double Your Reading Speed And Accelerate Your Learning Abilities To The Extreme!"

Anyone can double their speed in reading without the fear of not being able to understand the materials being read.

Most people find reading rapidly difficult and risky. They are afraid that as they increase the speed of reading, they might not be able to grasp the idea of what they are reading.

That's why they have to settle with slow reading speed that makes them finish a novel over a month, or worse, not being able to find what they are looking for in an academic textbook for an assignment in school before the due date.

What they do not know is that, according to studies, the relationship between reading speed and comprehension is directly proportional to each other. That is, an increase in rate entails an increase in comprehension.

Want to double your reading speed and increase your understanding of the materials being read?

Speed Reading can benefit anyone. Not only will you be able to learn faster, but you can also impress your friends!

Besides being beneficial and useful, learning such skill is simple and takes only a few techniques to apply.

Speed reading is not only useful in reading for pleasure but is more necessary when used in learning and studying. In these cases, time is essential. And if you can make things faster and a lot easier, you're less likely to get stressed out.

Can't get enough of reading?

May it be novels, newspapers, magazines, or just any materials, I totally agree with you that reading can be very relaxing, interesting and often, breathtaking.

Reading brings us to another world that is different from reality. It lets us seek more knowledge that cannot be learned in simple observations in everyday living. It is a never-ending journey to unexplored places where everything is magical and mysterious.

So, if we are all readers here, then what's the problem we should be dealing with?

Oh, ok. You can't get enough of reading but it seems eternity until you finish one reading material that you have started. That is, indeed, a problem.

You should be fast enough to read a part of or the whole reading material to be able to get what you need from it. Thus, you should…

Get Rid of Rereading, Pronouncing Words Aloud, and Other Habits that Reduce Speed When Reading!

Again, worry no more because I have compiled in the comprehensive report The Speed Reading Monster Course all the tips and tricks that you need to know in becoming the fastest reader that you can possibly be.

just SOME of the information you'll find inside:

- How you can get at least 80% of what you need to know in just 11-13 minutes, even from the topics you're not interested in. 
- The most important part in every paragraph that should be given the most time in understanding. 
- You can learn anything by doing three important things. What are they?
- Why speed readers are considered impatient readers.
- Why pronouncing words when reading should be avoided.
- How speed reading is calculated.
- The minimum length of time needed to read a block of words.
- How the newspaper reading method is being done.
- How to effectively avoid reading out loud to one's self. 
- The relationship of speed reading and reading comprehension. 
- The advantages and disadvantages of sub vocalization.
- Major causes of decrease in speed reading.
- What the most rudimentary type of reading is.

The difference between eyesight and vision.

- How to reduce the number of times the eyes skip back to a previous sentence.
- How many bits of information per second our conscious and unconscious brains take. You'll be surprised at the difference.
- How to increase information perception by 50%.
- How to improve memory and concentration by 10%.
- The reading rate of an average college student on fiction and non-technical materials.
- What the "good" reading speed is.
- How to properly skim a reading material.
- How to properly scan a reading material.
- What the use of the hand is when reading.
- What type of reading is necessary for academic materials.
- How to use the triple learning strength.
- The relation between written English and spoken English.
- Where to begin reading.
- The 4 basic conditions for increased reading rate.
- When we should "scan" the text.
- What factors outside your control influences your speed in reading.
- What type of reading is needed when you want to acquaint yourself with the subject, yet complete understanding and retention of text information is not necessary.
- The 5 types of reading.
- Significant factors that reduce reading rate.
- The proper way of underlining texts in textbooks.
- The purpose of asking the question "So what?" in reading texts.
- The 2 different parts of the brain which is responsible on word analysis.
- What parts of speech should be the center of focus when reading.
- How practice speed reading should be done.
- What part of the eye is responsible for speed reading, and how to train it.
- What a fixation is and what is its role in speed reading.
- The necessities prior to reading.
- Why news articles are redundant?
- When to use a pen for underlining texts.
- The difference between skimming and scanning.
- What to do when your momentum seems to be slowing down.
- What type of reading is time consuming and needs a lot of concentration.
- How to eliminate sub vocalization in order to increase reading speed.
- What should be done if you need only the shallowest knowledge of the subject.
- How to tackle reading those huge computer books.
- Why re-reading is inadvisable.
- Other important aspects that hinder speed reading.
- When to use a card or a folded piece of paper when reading.
- The self-tests to estimate how fast you can read and how much you can comprehend.


Self Improvement - Product #5

"The Spanish Language Speed Learning Course"


 "Who Else Wants to Speak, Write, and Understand Spanish Using Outrageously Easy and Creative Techniques … in Just 12 Days or Less?"

Learning a foreign language can be a frightening thought for many. According to them, it will just take up a lot of their time. They often disregard the wonderful opportunities that knowledge of a second language brings.

It can help you bond with people who speak the same foreign language as you do, create job opportunities and enhance your career, and impress your friends. Furthermore, engaging yourself in foreign language training actually adds self-confidence and broadens your knowledge.

The most effective way to learn a foreign language is through the linguistic approach - training starts from sounds, from which words and phrases are formed, until eventual construction of sentences using these words are made.

Did you know that…

Sounds are among the fundamentals of one language because all through out language training, these sounds are used to speak out words and form sentences.
Words should be learned one at a time according to the word category they belong to (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.), as they have characteristics unique to the category only.
Sentences are actually proper arrangement of words only. Hence, enough knowledge of words and their characteristics can create sensible sentences.
Learning a new language involves being familiar with its greetings and most basic phrases, and actually knowing how they came to be.

Linguistics, the study of the structure of a language, is an area of knowledge that is very important and effective; but is never really exposed to many. Yet you could be one of those few people to benefit from it!

The Spanish Language Speed Learning Course: Speak Spanish Confidently … in 12 Days or Less

...is the best training material for you, as you will be held by the hand each step of the way - from the basics up to the complicated topics in Spanish.

With pronunciation guides, accurate glosses, and ample examples, you will never have any problem understanding each Spanish word and sentence you'll be encountering, until you'll be able to create your own sentences as well.

The best thing is …

You don't need one whole school year or even a semester to train yourself in a language that more than 250 million people speak. 12 days is all it takes to learn how to speak Spanish!

Here's what you will find inside The Spanish Language Speed Learning Course:

- Easy-to-apply memorization tips and tricks to remember Spanish words better. 
- How each of the letters in the Spanish alphabet is called, how each one of them is pronounced, and some examples for practice.
- Sounds not present or are very minimal in the English language but are common in Spanish.
- Creative techniques to recall various Spanish words.
- A 4-day training session to easily tackle the most complicated topics in Spanish.
- How to form and structure different kinds of basic Spanish phrases and sentences.
- The first step in learning a new language.
- How to pronounce different Spanish words correctly.
- Easy and simple ways of creating grammatical and sensible Spanish sentences.
- Basic greetings and everyday expressions in Spanish.
- How to identify formal and familiar situations in order to use the appropriate expressions.
- The difference between describing with Spanish and English adjectives.
- Spanish adjective classifications according to common descriptions they provide.
- The importance of studying individual word forms before constructing sentences.
- The easiest way to identify the gender of Spanish nouns.
- Numbers, days, months, time, etc. in Spanish.
- List of Spanish prepositions and example phrases.
- How Spanish nouns form their plural counterparts.
- How regular Spanish verbs form past, present and future tenses.
- What the irregular verbs are and how they form their tenses.
- How to create the present progressive form (I am eating, you are singing, etc.) in Spanish.
- 2 ways of forming the future tense of Spanish verbs.
- Why the subject of the sentence is optional and usually omitted in Spanish.
- The truth that verb alone is already a complete sentence in Spanish.
- What conjugation is and how it is done in Spanish.
- What the 3 groups of Spanish verbs are.
- How to form Spanish interrogative statements.
- How to form Spanish imperative statements.
- Understanding airport, road, train, market and other signs written in Spanish. 
- What to say when ordering food, shopping, hiring public vehicles, checking in at hotels, and in other usual situations using the Spanish language.


Self Improvement - Product #6

"How To Be A Public Speaking Superstar"


"Dazzle And Influence Any Audience With Super Impressive Speeches By Having Supreme Confidence And Masterful Public Speaking Skills"

Have you ever delivered a speech or presentation before? Most probably you have. So how did it go? Have you encountered any of the following while delivering it?

  • You have uncontrollable butterflies in the stomach.

  • Your stuttering voice is making it difficult for you to speak clearly.

  • You're sweating all over.

  • Your listeners are yawning their way to dreamland and pouting their lips.

  • You feel so conscious with your audience's reaction that you can't focus on your speech.

According To A Recent Survey, More People Are Afraid Of Public Speaking Than They Are Of Dying

How To Be A Public Speaking Superstar
will show you how to get that golden tongue which can draw out enthusiastic responses from the bottom of people's hearts and stimulate them to nod unreservedly to your discussion.

This book is a condensed write-up of powerful principles and easy-to-follow steps to writing and delivering spectacular speeches.

It will give you the crucial answers to such questions as "How do effective speakers really captivate their audience? How can they influence people by mere words? What can I do to be as successful as they are? How can I really conquer speech fright?"

Do you want to experience the satisfying feeling of being able to conquer your fear and deliver memorable speeches with confidence? Do you want to move multitudes of people to a certain course of action as you hold them spellbound with mere words from your mouth?

If so, then wait no longer. Grab your ticket to public speaking greatness and let yourself be heard.

After Reading This Book You Will Be Able To:

- Overcome your fear of public speaking. 
- Manage speech anxiety effectively.
- Prepare a powerful speech using 9 basic steps. 
- Analyze your audience to make your topic fit their interests.
- Organize your speech carefully to improve understanding and recall.
- Enhance the quality of your speech.
- Organize an introduction that will relax you and your audience.
- Identify the 3 qualities an effective speaker should possess.
- Know how public speaking can improve your personal development.
- Know how public speaking can influence your society.
- Know how public speaking can advance your profession.
- Identify the 4 general types of public speakers.
- Know and apply the basic rules and principles of public speaking. 
- Use language effectively.
- Sound natural and enthusiastic. 
- Know the guidelines in choosing a specific topic.
- Use question and answer sessions to make a lasting impression.
- Use quality visual aids to make your speech much more powerful.
- Write and deliver an interesting, clear, and cogent speech quality.
- Know the 3 dangers to self-esteem.
- Build rapport with your audience quickly and easily.
- Develop a positive mental attitude.
- Know how to practice your speech for better delivery.
- Think and speak instantaneously in impromptu speaking situations.
- Peak up the interest of your audience.
- Know how to answer hostile questions.
- Research information to beef up your themes. 
- Know how to see yourself actually delivering a speech. 
- Know what to expect on the actual day of speech delivery.
- Counter the strongest factor contributing to your fear.
- Identify the type of public speaker you are. 
- List the key principles involved in preparing to speak.
- Know the basic characteristics of good public speaking.
- Build confidence. 
- Describe the factors that contribute to speech anxiety.
- Counter common misconceptions about speech anxiety.
- Harness your speech anxiety and use it to your advantage.
- Conduct a self-inventory.
- Simplify the topic so that it is manageable.
- Explain the role and significance of audience analysis in public speaking.
- Comprehend the factors that may influence the way you adapt a message to an audience.
- Plan effective introductions and conclusions. 
- Understand and apply the principles in outlining. 
- Understand the diverse ways that visual aids can help you as a speaker. 
- Distinguish between several alternative methods of delivery and describe the strengths and weaknesses of each. 

Do you want to experience the satisfying feeling of being able to conquer your fear and deliver memorable speeches with confidence? Do you want to move multitudes of people to a certain course of action as you hold them spellbound with mere words from your mouth?

If so, then wait no longer. Grab your ticket to public speaking greatness and let yourself be heard.


Self Improvement - Product #7

"Smart Parenting"


"Become THE World's Greatest Mom Or Dad Without Putting Yourself To Your Wit's End In Raising Highly Successful Children?"

Becoming an effective parent is a big task. Parents are expected to be fair, just, and always right. They are supposed to be caring and loving at all times. Moreover, it is always assumed that any parent would put their kids' welfare over their own, whatever the cost.

While it is true that new parents would suddenly develop a fatherly or motherly instinct right after the birth of their first child, it is not always right to let everything rely purely on instincts alone. There is such a thing as smart parenting, and it is supposed to be understood and internalized.

"Your Children's Needs Change Over Time."

Do not assume for a moment that your first-born's needs are the same as your third or fourth child. Consider their age gap; and then try to analyze the things that kids used to do then and what things influence the children of today. You will then understand that effective parenting is an ongoing learning process. And parents can learn a lot from their kids, too.

"You Have To Become A Smart Parent!"

Know the exact ways that any responsible parent would do in every given situation. Mold your children in a very precise but loving way towards the path they should take - the one that is right and good.

Then you can say that you have successfully played your part as a parent!

All children need encouragement and praise as they grow up. It makes them strive to do things better the next time around. It also shows them that what they do is being appreciated and admired by the very people who matter most to them - the parents!

Discipline must be carried out. It is a trait so important that it should be the cornerstone of parenthood. In fact, the hardest part of being a parent is that you must carry out discipline as you relay love and affection. Indeed, being a parent requires some skills!

SMART PARENTING: Raising Happy And Responsible Children In The 21st Century is a must-read for all parents who want to raise success-bound kids.

It is designed for parents of the new century. It is packed with all the necessary information that parents of today will surely need. It is updated with the current ideas and studies that pertain to parenting and child psychology.

This exciting book will bring out the best parent in you. It also tackles children's behavior from a psychological viewpoint. This will enable you to understand your children more and know why they engage in the things that they do.

Smart Parenting will teach you:

- What the children of the 21st century are like in general.
- How to increase your chances of raising highly successful kids.
- What encouragement, praises, and positive reinforcement do to children.
- The things a parent should avoid so as not to spoil their kids.
- How children can be subjected to unnecessary pressure by demanding parents.
- The negative effects of unreasonable demands by parents to their children.
- How to know if you are a demanding parent.
- How to teach the value of obedience, sincerity, order, and justice to kids.
- The best way to talk to your children.
- How to build your children's self-esteem.
- How to form values in your kids and instill good behavior in them.
- Why the time for play and recreation is important for children's growing years.
- How simple acts of affection create positive responses from children.
- The magic of touch and hugging.
- Why parenting is such a challenge.

In SMART PARENTING: Raising Happy And Responsible Children in the 21st Century, you will enjoy and cherish being a parent, no matter how challenging the task may seem.

This report will clearly show you the step-by-step process of converting yourself into the greatest parent you can be to your kids. It will transform the taxing job of being a parent into a whole new ballgame. Raising kids will go from challenging and straining, to becoming fun and exciting!

"You'll Become So Likeable That Your Kid's Friends Might Wish You Were Their Parent!"

There's no need for any trial and error stages with your children. You can't afford to do that! With this report, you'll be a knowledgeable parent even before any of your kids are born.


Self Improvement - Product #8

"Powerful Ways
To Sharpen Your Memory"


"No One Is Born With A Bad Memory. It Just Needs To Be Sharpened To Improve Its Efficiency"

Contrary to the belief of many people that sharpening your memory takes a lot of time and effort, you don't have to be a genius to quickly know, understand, and recall what you have read or learned.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you have a sharp memory? You can achieve the following:

Get higher grades by studying more efficiently.
Build good relationships by recalling people's names, faces, and interests..
Enhance your career by recalling facts and numbers effortlessly
Never get lost on the road again.
Save lots of time by never having to find lost objects.
Impress your friends with your super memory and be the life of the party.

It doesn't matter whether you're 92 years old or just 12, anyone is capable of memorizing and recalling virtually any information possible. However, you must have the proper lifestyle, attitude, habits, and methods to possess a super memory.

Fortunately, an interesting book was written to achieve that purpose.

Powerful Ways To Sharpen Your Memory

...will teach you practical and creative strategies to refine and sharpen your wonderful memory.

It will reveal to you effective techniques on how to maintain your brain in tip-top condition, how to overcome forgetfulness, and how to easily retain data in your mind for immediate retrieval anytime you desire.

Best of all, many of the methods are simple, practical, and fun to learn!

If you want your mind to memorize numbers, facts, and other information like nothing you've ever seen before, then this book is for you.

Take a look at some of the information you'll find inside:

- Why being smart is not necessary to have a good memory.
- Foods that allow your brain to operate at its peak performance.
- What you should do to improve creativity.
- The 3 types of memory.
- What a group of researchers did to improve the memory of elderly people suffering from dementia.
- 2 requirements before going to sleep in order to remember information better.
- Helpful techniques in mood conditioning to boost your mental capacities.
- The first thing you should do before memorizing anything.
- Common causes of a poor memory.
- Successful strategies to maintain your focus.
- How to keep track of all your thoughts.
- Terrific tips to intensify your motivation.
- How your subconscious helps you to remember.
- Popular techniques of association.
- Valuable methods to enhance your imagination.
- Similarities between the mind and a video camera.
- 7 powerful tactics to overcome forgetfulness and absentmindedness.
- How to utilize your senses to boost your memory.
- Why you can better remember a person who owes you some money compared to someone who doesn't.
- 11 extraordinary strategies to help you remember names and faces.
- How to convert numbers to words.
- How to transform numbers to pictures.
- Super techniques to remember long strings of numbers.
- How to recall an item from a chronological list.
- How to easily remember dates, time, and TV channels.
- How to develop a keen sense of direction.
- How to recall addresses and places with ease.
- Special tactics to remember occurrences and events.
- How to organize your memory for easy retrieval of information.
- 7 principles of memory.
- How to remember facts better.
- What the most difficult things to remember are.
- What things we are most likely to remember.
- How much the capacity of the human mind is in holding information.
- How to successfully memorize unrelated words.
"Be a Memory Wonder the Easy Way!"

Why settle for complicated techniques in improving your memory when you can have the practical yet powerful guide?

In this amazing book, you will discover how to hone and sharpen your memory like a saw. You will be able to accomplish amazing feats you never thought possible. 

If you want to remember names, faces, directions, numbers, occurrences, and nearly every possible information out there, then Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory will reveal how to transform your brain into a superior powertool that absorbs data like a sponge.


Self Improvement - Product #9

"Hypnosis Mania"

"Understand Hypnosis - What's True and What's Not; How To Do It And Do It Right; How To Use It To Have Super Confidence, Break From Bad Habits, Lose Weight, And Excel In Life!"

The mind is the main control center of your whole body. Whatever it sets out unto itself will affect your whole system - inside and out. If you only know how to operate it and steer it to your command, the possibilities are endless!

Experts - from mystics to scientists -agree that this main control center can be controlled and harnessed through meditation, visual suggestion and mind exercises done through HYPNOSIS.

You thought you've done the right things. Headed for the right direction. Made the right moves. Still, things still are not turning out fine.

For example, you have long wanted to shed off those excess pounds, to trim and shape your body according to your ideal weight. You tried it all - diet, exercise, medicine, and machine! Still the pounds stubbornly refused to leave, making you more miserable and making you want to eat more!

Or another example: Since time immemorial, you have urged, encouraged, and supported a loved one in his goal to quit smoking. His lungs are almost ready to give up from being exposed to nicotine for years and years. The doctor says there is now a thin line between him and lung cancer. So you gather up all your efforts to help him get off the stick. You almost drained your finances just by trying the different methods, but to no avail.

Even something as simple as getting your little brother to quit biting his nails did not go away after your endless coaxing, threats and nagging!

So how can hypnosis solve all these problems?

Hypnosis is a procedure that taps into your subconscious, putting you in a state of a trance that would bring you under extreme suggestibility.

This means that through hypnosis, you can be "fed" suggestions about your personality, habits, behavior, and way of thinking that can influence your life immensely.

Did you know that ...

Psychologists use hypnosis to calm and soothe people who are in a state of trauma or are nervous.
Medical practitioners use hypnosis as anesthesia - surgeons during surgery, dentists during tooth procedures, and doctors and midwives during childbirth.
Post-surgery or post-operation, hypnosis is also used to prevent infection or unpleasant side effects.
Mental health professionals use hypnosis as part of the therapy for patients with psychological conditions.
Hypnosis is used to help both patient and doctor understand health and mental conditions, the causes and possible course of action to be taken.
Hypnosis is used to curb problem habits such as smoking, eating disorders, or unpleasant behavior.
Hypnosis is effective in dealing with psychosomatic problems or physical illness that can be rooted from a psychological condition.
Learning ability, physical performance, and social attitudes can be improved through hypnosis, too.
Hypnosis is also being used by the legal system in aiding crime investigation.

Throughout history, across religious and professional boundaries, hypnosis has been used extensively and utilized in improving people's lives. Who knows, the next life to change might be YOURS!

In this light, I have prepared an extensive report on hypnosis that would jump-start your way into empowering your mind.

Hypnosis Mania: Unmasking the Mysteries and Powers of Hypnotism will teach you effective techniques on how to tap into the subconscious, so you can intensify focus and concentration in fulfilling any goal.

It can help you be more attuned with your intellectual and emotional capacity. This will help you analyze your condition, and will help you modify your habits and behavior.

Single-handedly though, hypnosis is not the answer to all your problems. It is effective in coordination with other medical and therapeutic prescriptions. Most important of all, it will work according to your willingness and initiative to change and be changed!

Hundreds of testimonials swear that hypnosis opens up endless possibilities for their own benefits as well as for others.

Here's what you'll find inside Hypnosis Mania:

- The truth about hypnosis. Shake away those preconceived notions about hypnosis as evil, mystical, or occult.
- Scientific discussion on hypnosis and mind control.
- How hypnosis affected one of the most infamous men in history, Adolf Hitler.
- Two ways by which hypnosis is performed.
- How people get hypnotized on a daily basis.
- The people most highly susceptible to hypnotic suggestion.
- How the improper use of hypnosis can take someone's life.
- Hypnosis used as a mechanism for military intelligence.
- Common techniques to effectively hypnotize subjects.
- Signs to determine if the subject is already ready and open to hypnotic suggestions.
- Can hypnosis bring you back to the past?
- Hypnosis used as a tool for surgery.
- The best way to treat a physical condition more efficiently.
- Hypnosis used to resolve crime investigations.
- Fantastic tips from stage hypnotists to put on a great show.
- How to tap into your subconscious
- How to be a self-hypnosis practitioner.
- Elements needed for an effective hypnosis session.
- How to use hypnosis to captivate your lover.
- How to use hypnosis to quit smoking and other bad habits.
- How to use hypnosis to lose weight.
- How to use hypnosis to make someone a real winner.
- How to use hypnosis to create financial abundance.
- Where to find a comprehensive list of actual hypnotic induction techniques for free, including deepening, induction, testing, and trance!
- Where to find a comprehensive list of actual hypnotic scripts to solve health problems for free, including asthma, depression, stress, constipation, anxiety, high blood pressure, migraines, insomnia, weight gain, smoke addiction, and many others!
- Where to find a comprehensive list of actual hypnotic scripts to enhance your abilities for free, including concentration, creativity, memory improvement, public speaking, self-confidence, speed reading, financial prosperity, and many others!
- An extremely powerful self-hypnosis exercise to clear your mind and calm your nerves.
- Instructions on how to ease away your physical tensions and mental worries through trance that is the gateway to hypnosis.

If you wish your life more success; if you want to eliminate pain, uneasiness, tension and anxiety; if you wish to take a break, pause, or stop amidst the chaos of everyday living; if you're ready to pull your life together and hold it in your hands once again; then you can start right now. No need to get out of the house. No need to put on makeup. No need to put on fancy clothes.

HYPNOSIS MANIA - filled with in-depth research, the latest updates, and hands-on hypnosis tutorial that is easy to follow, practical, and fitting to your lifestyle. 


Self Improvement - Product #10

"Unleash The Creative New You"

"Develop Super Creative Abilities To Generate Highly Innovative Ideas, Solve the Most Difficult Problems With Ease, And Attain Enormous Success In Life"

It has probably happened to you before. A problem arises at the office or in your family, and everyone looks up to you to solve it. You don't want to hurt feelings or step on anyone's toes, so you find yourself hedging around the issue.

What you really need is a creative solution, one that will soothe everyone's ruffled feathers. You need something that will appease all parties involved. How do you make everyone happy? Is that even possible?

You smiled to yourself thinking that what you really need to be is a genius to solve this dilemma. You wish you're one of those people who can come up with something amazing, inspiring, and creative, at the drop of a hat.

Have you become a creature of habit over the years? Think there's no way you could ever be creative? Maybe you've been stuck in a rut.

What if I told you that it is indeed possible for you to become the creative being you've always wanted to be?

What if you could:

Gain that self-confidence you've always desired.
Reduce your stress.
Find some inner peace.
Learn to have better control over your life.
Find unbelievable satisfaction.
Learn to express yourself.
Find some purpose in your life.

You will feel so good about yourself, your work will prosper, your family life will improve, and even your relationships will blossom.

What if you could look at something everyone else has looked at, but see it in a totally different light? What if you could give it a twist?

You could develop your intuition, that special insight that only creative people seem to possess.

Think you're not creative? Think you're not imaginative? Well, stop thinking.

We're all capable of creativity. It's in our genes, our very DNA. All human beings are creative. It's just a matter of developing that creativity.

"But how do I do that," you ask? "I don't know if I'm smart enough to be a problem solver. "What if I don't possess enough knowledge to be really good at this?"

Well, Albert Einstein said, "Creativity is more powerful than knowledge."

"Want to Creatively Change Your Life?"

Unleash The Creative New You! is all you'll ever need to start bringing out that creative person and that imaginative soul that's inside of you. It's possible to break free from that monotonous, humdrum existence and start living the creative life you were always meant to live.

After reading this report, you will be able to understand what creativity really is, how it can help you live a more fulfilling life, and what you can do right now to wake up that sleeping creative giant within you.

You will discover the factors that keep you from becoming creative, and the necessary steps you have to take in order to counter these so called creative "blocks."

What's inside Unleashing the Creative New You!

- How to conquer procrastination, fear, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, and perfectionism.
- An awesome way to avoid losing all those marvelous ideas your creative mind is capable of churning out.
- The first step to solving any problem.
- How creative activities can take away stress and improve your health.
- How to achieve a Zen-like state of creativity.
- What you need to do to assure yourself of creative success.
- How to apply your creative energy to your daily life.
- How to develop a higher IQ.
- How to counter the dreaded "enemies" of your creativity.
- How to be a genius.
- How you can keep employees happily coming up with innovative ideas.
- How many ideas an average child can generate compared to an adult. You'll be surprised!
- The many forms of creativity.
- How to know when you have made contact with the creative spirit.
- What leaves us too drained to be truly creative.
- The biggest difference in our brains and those of so-called geniuses.
- A checklist to evaluate how creative you are.
- Vital tools and skills to enhance your creativity.
- Examples of companies who got a huge return on their investment by offering creative courses
- How meditation and hypnosis can help unleash your creativity.
- One of the necessary components to your happiness and mental health.
- A key ingredient in your creative life.
- Why it's okay to sit and do nothing once in a while.
- How smart employers create creative, problem-solving forces.
- The dangers of the notorious "inner critic."
- An excellent way to teach your mind to focus and concentrate on your own creativity.
- What Benjamin Franklin did to stimulate his thinking.
- How to know if you are becoming creative automatically.
- The wonder of the magical "serendipity."
- How to come up with creative ways to solve your problems.
- The difference between the mind of a genius and the mind of an ordinary person.
- Signs of genius.
- The function of the left and right side of the brain.
- How to shift from one side of the brain to the other.
- How to allow necessary information to get through to your consciousness, giving you a whole world of inspiration.
- What Albert Einstein would do when he had a problem.
- How creativity and change depend on one another.
- Personal changes that require a great deal of creativity.
- The largest group of creative people.
- The capabilities of right-handed and left-handed people.
- How to come up with all manners of creative ideas to deal with any aspects of your life.
- How children are likened to Zen Masters.
"Everyone Needs an Edge!"

Creativity gives you that edge, that certain something that makes you stand out in a crowd. You want to be more than just smart; you want to be inspiring!

So, how do you nurture that creative spirit within you? Check out Chapter Five.

How do you channel all that newfound creativity into your every day life? See Chapter Three.

What if you make mistakes? The answers are all in Chapter Six.

Don't you have to be some kind of genius to be creative? No, and you'll find out why in Chapter Eight.

Are you ever too old to learn to be creative? Of course not! Find out why in Chapter Eleven.


Self Improvement - Product #11

"Body Language Magic"

"How To Decode People's Inner Feelings And Emotions Through Their Body Movements, And How You Can Use This Knowledge To Succeed In Your Career, Relationships, and Personal Life!"

Many people think that the most popular way of communicating with other people is through the mouth. But what they didn't know is that actual verbal communication accounts to only around 10% (or even less) of the overall means to convey a message.

Moreover, you can never determine the truthfulness or sincerity of people by what they say alone. In fact, words transmitted verbally oftentimes do not reflect what people really think or feel. The only way you can determine their true inner feelings and thoughts is by reading their body language.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you can "see through" the emotions of other people? Let's say you asked a person if he can do an important task. He says "ok." But deep inside, you are questioning yourself, "Is he really willing to do this job?" or "Does he have the confidence to finish this assignment?"

You can't question him directly because that would be like belittling him. And even if you ask him those questions, his replies will not be indicative of what he really feels or thinks.

The ultimate solution? Read his body movements and gestures.

The Body Never Lies!

Through body language, you will be able to decode hidden emotions.
You may even decipher if a person is telling the truth or not. Moreover, you can apply body language techniques to convey your intentions to other people. This will ultimately lead you to a successful career and fruitful relationships.

Body Language Magic: How to Read and Make Body Movements for Maximum Success will teach you how to recognize various emotions or feelings such as nervousness, openness, anger, boredom, doubt, frustration, or excitement simply by observing facial expressions, postures, and gestures.

You can use the knowledge of body language to identify if confidence, dominance, and other characteristics are existing in people. On the contrary, you may also perform these gestures when you want to convey certain personality traits to subconsciously influence others. Cool, isn't it?

After reading this book, you will never look at the world the same way again. You'll be able to immediately interpret certain actions and adapt to any situation.

Communicating with other people would become a much easier task. You will have a better understanding of people. It's like your eyes will be opened to the world for the very first time.

Here's some of the information you'll find inside:

- Body movements indicating interest.
- Body movements indicating that a person is more open to agree with you.
- How to know if a person is thinking.
- Body movements indicating frustration or dismay.
- How action-oriented people act or move.
- How to know if a person is keeping a secret.
- Body movements indicating boredom
- Signals conveying excitement
- How confident people act or move.
- Signals exhibiting authority or power
- Body movements that signal anger.
- Body movements that signal nervousness or tension.
- How to know if a person is having suspicions of you.
- Body movements for reassurance.
- How a person acts to convey pride.
- How to detect a liar.
- How to read body movements more accurately.
- Actions to make someone like or trust you.
- How to build rapport.
- How to dominate your counterpart in a negotiation.
- The first thing to do in a negotiation.
- How to increase your sales using body movements.
- One gesture that must never be done when selling.
- Signs that show your customers are willing to give in.
- How to read and counteract potential objections of customers.
- The right time to close the sale.
- How to use body language to leave a lasting impression on your job interviewer.
- Proper postures and gestures to ace the job interview
- Body movements to avoid during a job interview.
- How knowledge in body language can help in restoring order in meetings.
- How to use good flirting movements to your advantage.
- How to attract the opposite sex using body language.
- How to know if a person of the opposite sex has feelings for you or is interested in you.
- Great conversation openers
- The power of the touch.

Body language is very easy and fun to learn. With this book, you will be reading and making body movements to achieve the success you've always longed for - in no time at all.

Body language is the oldest and most genuine means of communication in the world, yet it is very much misunderstood. By learning it, you will get a big edge over most people.


Self Improvement - Product #12

"How To Be An Ace Athlete"



"Revealed! Top Secrets Of How You Can Possess the Exceptional Physique and Abilities Needed To Excel In Your Favorite Sports, And Be The Athlete Of Your Dreams!"

We've all dreamt of being the best on our chosen careers. We want to be recognized, as we want to bring pride to our loved ones and ourselves.

Hence, we do our best in order to reach our goals in life. We train, practice, seek advice from more experienced people, read books, gather more knowledge, and so on. But no matter what we do and how hard we try, there always comes a time when we realize that what we're doing isn't really enough to bring us success.

Sports-minded people like you are no different from others who might be suffering from the above-mentioned situation. In fact, as you regularly compete with other people, you are more likely to aim for victories; but you may not be triumphant most of the time.

No matter who you are, where you've come from, or what your sports history is, as long as you put your heart, mind, and soul into what you're doing, your dream of being an ace athlete can turn into reality!

Did you know that…

The moment you fall in love with a sport activity, the athlete in you is born.
You cannot train yourself, or train alone, and come out champion. You have to feed from the experiences of those who had been there before, saw real tough actions, and really made it to the top.
Not all winners in international sports events are ace athletes. They train hard for the present event, even under masters, but lack foresight to live the philosophy of ace sportsmanship.
An ace athlete does not only want to play the game according to its rules and regulations. He absorbs the whole sport into himself, as a person. He practically becomes the sport.
Obsession with winning to prove one's self is not a quality of an ace athlete.

There's really a lot more to being an ace athlete than just loving the sport. And if you're planning to be one, you've got to know, absorb, and practice the proper techniques with passion and dedication.

Fortunately for you, I've come up with a report containing every single thing you need to know in making that athletic dream of yours come true.

How To Be An Ace Athlete: Peak Performance Secrets Every Aspiring Athlete Should Know will help bring out the superior athletic skills you've always kept hidden within you, so you can start using them until you become your own idol player.

It will help you understand what the mind, body, and life of ace athletes are like, including never before shared secrets of honing various sports skills.

As an athlete, you have many needs you may not even be aware of. And knowing them is the first step to seeing your future in the sports business. This report will not only let you see what and where you're lacking, but will provide your needs to become an ace athlete as well.

No matter if your passion is basketball, volleyball, tennis, billiards, or any other sports - the priceless information in this book will mold you into the best athlete you can be.

Here's what you'll find inside How To Be An Ace Athlete:

- Overlooked needs of athletes that are very necessary for supreme athletic performance.
- How to prevent your opponents from taking advantage of your strengths and weaknesses.
- How to develop a mindset that will put a fiery enthusiasm in each of your training sessions and performances.
- Very valuable general workouts to keep your body in tip-top condition.
- How to sharpen your body mobility and mind.
- What you should never do when running, lifting weights, and stretching your muscles. Doing them can be dangerous to your health!
- A cross training procedure to help you concentrate, control breathing, conserve energy, and add speed to your game.
- A cross training method beneficial to help martial artists, high jumpers, divers, gymnasts, and hurdle runners attain great form, balance, grace, and leg and hand coordination.
- A surprising cross training tactic to improve your accuracy, timing, organization, focus, and judgment.
- Why nationalistic countries often produce a succession of world-class champions.
- What the vital foundational components of an ace athlete's philosophy are
- Strategies to outwit your opponents in chess, tennis, and basketball.
- Why a lean, pure-muscle-no-fat built is not a smart idea in some sports.
- What the perfect body for an ace athlete is.
- The type of build and the muscle groups to develop for basketball players, volleyball players, tennis players, and horse racers to achieve maximum performance
- General and specific workouts designed for ace athletes.
- How to handle emotionally stressful sports events.
- The workouts you must engage in when no sports event is anticipated.
- Workouts that are geared towards body sculpturing.
- How to make workouts truly beneficial.
- 4 factors that influence the lives of ace athletes.
- The benefit of keeping your tummy in.
- The inspiring training regimen of a popular ace boxer.
- The life motivations of ace athletes.
- The right kind of meal for aspiring ace athletes.
- A cross training tool that improves teamwork and cooperation.
- How to create emotions that fire up your inspiration to win.
- Why too much inspiration from loved ones may not be a smart idea.
- Top secret ways of honing your sports skills.
- What part of your body you should develop to jump really high or get a real firm grip of the ground through your feet.
- Exercises to strengthen your fingers, arms, back muscles, and shoulders (even develop canon-ball shoulders for you).
- Exercises to develop your special hand and swinging abilities.
- Exercises to develop the power of your arms and legs.
- How to expand your vision to see from all angles.
- How to develop a free spirit to command the body and soul to do your will.
- A simple leg exercise that will make you stand like a wall of steel if practiced for a long time.
- An exercise to extend your endurance without easily running out of breath.
- Who the real ace athletes are.
- Characteristics of ace athletes.
- Four factors that influence the lives of ace athletes.
- Why obsession with winning to prove one's self is not a quality of an ace athlete.
- Two real meanings of being an ace athlete.
- What ace players adopt in order to embrace the whole sport he's playing.
- Drives to conquer an athlete's weaknesses
- Why even board games, other than physical sports, require you to have a healthy body.
- Why ace athletes must be "fathered."
- What workouts mental sports players should engage in.
- The earliest record of ace athletes
- Why ace athletes are never afraid to lose any title or award.
- How you can still be an ace athlete even when you lack funds.
- Super secret ways to improve your performance in sports.

In this book, you will also meet some of the most fascinating athletes in history, like the Spartans. They were so serious in their sports training that children who fell short of the needed physical capabilities were said to be brought to the woods and left there to die.

Ace athletes are champions because they are real winners in life. Being an ace athlete is a life. It requires living a life philosophy that makes one not only an athletic champion, but a life champion as well.

Your dream of becoming the next ace athlete in this lifetime has just begun. Don't let it slip away.

So what's your decision? Do you want to just keep on dreaming, or do you want to turn your dreams into reality and be the star of the show?


Self Improvement - Product #13

"Super Tactics Of
Time Management Experts"

"How To Quickly and Effectively Get More Done In A Week Than Most People Can Accomplish In A Month!"

Did you know that rich people value their time much more than they value their money?

That's right!

Success comes to those people who can manage their time according to their priorities. It is due to the fact that they can finish doing important tasks at a certain period of time without rushing things and without becoming reckless.

Thus, coming up with remarkable results is no surprise to them. So, are you willing to change your life?

Are you willing to establish a more organized living, to use your time wisely, and to start doing things now rather than the day before the deadline?

With Time Management, You Can Be Efficient…You Can Be Productive…You Can Be the Best of What You Can Be Right Now!

Have you ever postponed a certain task as simple as mailing a birthday card for your mom who is out of the country, or perhaps something as important as preparing your report for tomorrow's presentation at the office?

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. You're having a very hectic schedule and you feel like going crazy over so many tasks and things to do.

Say your mom believed any of your excuses why you had sent her a "belated happy birthday" greeting card, or you had managed to get over the presentation even with fillers like "uhm…you see… uhm… well…" Did you feel glad about it being done and consider it good enough?

I don't think so.

In fact, you could have done it better … or rather, you ought to do it better!

Do you have to wait for the moment when your mom sulks because she thought you've forgotten her birthday? What if the increase and promotion you've been waiting for your whole life will be given to your colleague because you don't deserve the recognition?

Why wait for something terrible to happen before you start organizing your time, your career, your relationship with other people, your space, and most especially, your life?

Check out just SOME of the information you will find inside Super Tactics of Time Management Experts:

- Necessary pre-requisites to help you manage your time effectively.
- Main factors in determining your personal time.
- How to become proficient in the art of prioritizing.
- A very powerful tactic that can help you get more things done in one week than what most people can accomplish in a month.
- The most notorious (and oftentimes irresistible) activities that steal away most of your time, and how you can effectively overcome them.
- How to make your time productive when you really can't avoid the time thieves.
- How to do just once what people are doing many times.
- How to make emails work for you in your pursuit to save time.
- How to finish your job in much lesser time and attain a balanced life.
- Extraordinary methods to gain more direction in accomplishing whatever needs to be done.
- Significant factors to boost your job performance and efficiency.
- How to triple or quadruple your time to enjoy life to the fullest.
- How to relieve yourself of tasks that you hate to do.
- Super tactic to give you the right motivation.
- Practical tips to overcome procrastination.
- Three important aspects in planning your moves.
- Motivational tools to give you the zest in starting out a task or duty with vibrant enthusiasm.
- Important things to remember in setting goals.
- Useful ways to create a sound plan.
- How to utilize your effort or energy to become an achiever.
- Suggested organizational method you can do to entail great results in managing your time.
- Terrific techniques to organize your tasks and activities.
- Unique and fun tactics for organized filing.
- How to remember important dates or occasions without fail.
- How to minimize errors and mistakes that waste so much time.
- Great ways to help you create a better working space and lifestyle.
- How to minimize your time looking for objects.
- How to get control over your workplace, your life, and the time that surrounds you.
- What to do to reduce stress and anxiety.
- Why many people achieve very little despite spending most of their time on certain activities.
- How activity logs function.
- The standard technique used by top-level athletes, successful businessmen and achievers in realizing their dreams and reaching their goals.
- Keys to being really productive and efficient.
- How tasks should be prioritized.
- The difference between an Action Plan and a What To Do List.
- The importance of effective scheduling.

Remember: "Time Is Precious, Exquisite, And Priceless!"

You only have one life to live. Would you like to spend most of it just working and being overwhelmed with too many responsibilities to handle? I don't think so.

Would you like to have more than enough time in the world to do the things you love and to enjoy your life, amidst all your tasks? Sure you would. That's how important time management is.

What are you waiting for? Time is running fast. The earlier you read and apply the super tactics in this book, the more time you'll ever have in your life.



Self Improvement - Product #14

"How To Succeed At Being Yourself"

"How To Build Up Courage, Improve Your Relationships, Boost Your Morale, and Live The Life You Want With Unshakable Confidence!"

Let me ask you …

Do you hide away from people as much as you can?
Do you fear joining a big gathering or meeting?
Do you shiver upon being appointed to make a speech?
Are you always afraid that you're going to make a mistake?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then this letter could very well provide you with an effective and powerful solution.

There are so many people who never get to realize their dreams, even though they are fully capable of attaining their ambitions in life.

They have the talents and abilities, but their doubts and fears are preventing them to proceed with their actions.

They are NOT confident enough to get out there and do their stuff!

           Action Delayed = Success Denied!

Let me ask you another question …

Did you know that you have the capacity to achieve anything you put your mind into? But without confidence, you would not be able to go on and implement what you have in mind. 

People need other people. The cooperation of others is vital to the success of any individual. Without confidence however, you won't be able to interact properly; and worse, you might even be losing great opportunities, such as not getting the promotion due to lack of social skills or not joining a competition for fear of embarrassment. 

Not having enough confidence can ruin relationships and can block your path to success in life!

Funny how many people decide to remain hiding within the shadows of their doubtful selves when they know they have the capacity and ability to make things happen.

They let fear and shyness overcome their chances of success; that is why they would rather hide than risk the uncertainties of things. 

What they don't know is that they are taking a bigger risk - the risk of staying in the rut forever and never experiencing the wonderful feeling brought about by their accomplishments.

Self-confidence is an all important trait you need to acquire in today's fast-paced world. For one thing, you must have confidence in yourself first to earn the confidence and respect of others.

Shyness won't get you anywhere. It will only plunge you deeper and deeper into a hole of loneliness and despair.

Boost Your Confidence! How to Succeed at Being Yourself will teach you how to overcome your shyness and how to remove all your doubts and fears.

This book will give you a higher degree of self-esteem in every aspect of your life if you practice and master the thoughts written within.

Once you begin accomplishing things and gaining the respect of others by being confident, you'll be able to focus more on what you truly desire in life.

You'll have more passion and determination because you know that you are capable, and that you truly deserve success.

“The only difference between the best performance and the worst performance is the variation in our self-talk.” - Dorothy and Bette Harris



Self Improvement - Product #15

"Goal Realization Made Easy"

"How To Easily Achieve All Your Seemingly Unreachable Goals and Experience the True Happiness You've Always Longed For, No Matter How Disoriented You May Be Today!" 

Goal Realization Made Easy: Your Guidebook to Lasting Happiness will help you focus on clear goals and will teach you how to actualize them by using the proper mindset and behavior.

It will steadily steer you in the right direction so that you can attain the results you really want.

It is true that all successful people and millionaires/billionaires have goals, and they know how to reach them. Wouldn't it be great if you can actually acquire their attitudes and be on the right track to success too?

You certainly can!

By reading this life-changing book, you will discover:

The right way to make sure you attain your goal to happiness.
How to tap your hidden potentials to achieve your goal.
When the best time is to start setting your goal.
How lessons in History aid you to achieve your goal.
How to handle and overcome obstacles.
Logical answers to simple persistently asked questions.
The guiding principles to get your goal on the go.
Why your thoughts are the most powerful tools to goal realization.
Why you have to take risk and what kind of risk is worth taking.
Situations that can change the way you think; from ho-hum thinking to get-it-moving thoughts.
Simple meaningful tips to activate your thoughts and turning them into reality.
Things that can affect the outcome of your targeted goal.
Things you can control and use to your advantage in pursuit of your goal.
How to mold your thoughts geared towards goal realization.
The key factors to accelerate or propel the advancement of your goal.
About attitudes of different achievers and what it takes to be considered a real one.
Simple, inexpensive, non-strenuous, effective, valuable, and tested tips to good health.
Why aging can satisfy your heart's desire to goal realization.
A step-by-step plan to make sure you realize your goal.

And a whole lot more!

Goal Realization Made Easy is going to motivate you to pursue your goals that ultimately lead to happiness. The priceless lessons you will learn from this book have motivated countless people to become achievers, even if their aspirations seem hopeless to attain.

It will open your mind and heart's desire into a new life - a life filled with meaning, happiness, and fulfillment.

Read Goal Realization Made Easy Now!



Self Improvement - Product #16

"Secrets Of A Happy Marriage Revealed"

“How to Easily Transform a Miserable, Lifeless Marriage Relationship into One Filled With Love, Happiness, and Excitement!”  

Is marriage a blessing or a curse? For many married people who are having problems with their spouse, marriage is considered “a regretful act.”

Marriage is a sacred vow to love your partner for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till … well you know the rest. But for many people, the pressures, challenges, and monotony of married life has shrouded its wonderful positive aspects.

It is the aim of this book to reveal the beauty and joy of married life, and to prevent any unfavorable circumstances from ruining your marriage.

Relive the Honeymoon Days of Your Marriage!



Self Improvement - Product #17

"Suffering from sleepless nights? 
Here's the answer...


"How to Finally End Your Insomnia and Wake Up Feeling Refreshed and Energized All Day Long!"

Is this scenario familiar to you?

You get to bed early because you have a very important presentation tomorrow. You shut your eyes and hope that you fall asleep. Time passes by. You look at the clock and it's 1:00 am. You got to wake up at 6:00 in the morning. You start to feel frustrated. You turn around and around, but to no avail. Your mind starts to wander. Then the first trace of dawn comes in. Your tension builds up to its highest peak. You want to scream in desperation:

Why Can't I Go to Sleep!!?!?

You may be suffering from a sleep disorder.

Sweet Sleep Right Now! A Compilation of Tried and Tested Bedtime Tips to a Sound and Restful Sleep

It is the chief aim of this book to teach you the best ways in getting sound and peaceful sleep. It will also reveal incredible techniques on how to get more energy and vitality, even when you significantly reduce your sleeping time.



Self Improvement - Product #18

The Obesity Terminator: The Proper Guide in Losing Weight and Getting Rid of Excess Body Fats!


Warning: Obesity kills.

"Who Else Wants to Get Rid of those Stubborn Body Fats, Lose Weight Easily, and Maintain a Healthy, Sexy Body?"

You've done a lot of techniques to achieve the figure you've been dreaming of. But nothing seems to work for you…

And then, you gave up.

You've accepted the fact that your case is hopeless and there is nothing that can be done about it.

So, you left it that way with regretful thoughts like: There's nothing wrong with being obese. At least, I get to eat anything I like; or, Who cares? It's my body. It's me who will decide what to do with it.

What you might not know is that there are far worse consequences of being obese. Overweight people have a much higher risk of having heart disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, gallbladder illness, osteo arthritis, and even some types of cancer! And since it's your body that is involved in such illnesses, you need to be most alarmed and concerned.

So are you willing to live a vibrant healthy life and boost your self-esteem by having a fit and sexy body?

Luckily, there is one proven and powerful book that will teach you the proper ways on how to end the dangerous effects of obesity, and at the same time get that attractive figure.

The Obesity Terminator: The Proper Guide in Losing Weight and Getting Rid of Excess Body Fats! is an effective weapon if you're engaging in the tough battle against obesity.

This easy-to-read, step-by-step report will help you get that nice, sexy figure that you've always dreamed of.

And incidentally, you will become healthier and you will feel more confident with yourself.

The healthier and fitter you are, the longer you shall live!

It's Now or Never! Remember, Obesity Kills!

Thus, before it becomes too late, before it attacks you and bring you down to your last breath, or before you even lose hope in joining that popularity contest, counter it's assault!

Read The Obesity Terminator Now!



Self Improvement - Product #19

“Discover the Meaning of the Universe Raja Yoga”


Now you can use a practical, step-by-step guide to learn Raja Yoga techniques


If I’m right, you are probably like most of the rest of the world-tired and stressed out and looking for a way to achieve some inner peace.

Without the right tools and information, it could take you years to find the serenity, peace and calm that you seek. Instead of wasting all that time or knocking yourself out with the old trial and error method, there is an easier way to achieve the peace and serenity that you’ve always dreamed of.

Now there’s good news ....

I won’t deny that there are a ton of books out there on yoga. Unfortunately the problem with most books on the subject of yoga is that they are either filled with plenty of promises and no solid techniques and strategies to back up those promises or they contain only one or two pieces of useful information and not a comprehensive look at everything you need to know to succeed in yoga.

Raja Yoga  breaks the mold of all the other yoga instruction books and manuals you have heard and read about. It presents solid, proven steps to help you achieve the oneness of self and understand the states of mind.



Self Improvement - Product #20

“Discover how to Create Delicious Fruit Preserves, Desserts, Confections and Beverages!”


Now you can use a simple, step-by-step technique to get the scrumptious fruit dishes you have always dreamed of!


If I’m right, you would probably love nothing better than to be able to present your friends and families with delicious homebaked fruit goodies. Obviously, that’s a no brainer! Who wouldn’t want to enjoy such home made delights? If you have done any research on home cookery, you know that you need the right information, recipes and tools to create delicious and perfect home made goods.  But, how do you go about it?

Without the right tools and information, it could take you years and cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations that would create such scrumptious treats. Instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with the right formula, there is an easier way.

I won’t deny that there are a ton of books out there on home cookery. Unfortunately the problem with most books on this subject is that they are filled with plenty of promises and no solid techniques and strategies to back up those promises.  

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Product #15: Goal Realization Made Easy
Product #16: Secrets Of A Happy Marriage Revealed
Product #17: Sweet Sleep Right Now
Product #18: The Obesity Terminator
Product #19: Raja Yoga
Product #20: Guide to Cookery
Bonus #1 Making Money Online Made Easy
Bonus #2 Ultimate Wealth Videos        
Bonus #3 Self Improvement 2008
Bonus #4 Positive Powers
Bonus #5 Self Esteem
Bonus #6 Break Bad Habits
Bonus #7 Stress
Bonus #8 Time Manager
Bonus #9 Procrastination
Bonus #10 Anti-Aging
Bonus #11 Anger Management
Bonus #12 Anxiety
Bonus #13 Bad Breath
Bonus #14 Stay Fit
Bonus #15 Quit Smoking
Bonus #16 Diet Lose Weight
Bonus #17 Detox
Bonus #18 Acne
Bonus #19 Snoring
Bonus #20 Massaging
Bonus #21 Allergies
Bonus #22 Cholesterol
Bonus #23 Back Pain
Bonus #24 Diabetes
Bonus #25 ADHD
Bonus #26 Your Dog's Health
Bonus #26 As A Man Thinketh
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