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Self-Improvement Month: How Colleges Celebrate


Self-improvement months in various schools are often much awaited by the students. This is so because the activities are not only interesting but they also obviously give value to each of the students. No one dominates and no one is put to the side. Everyone is the star.

As part of a school’s constant advocacy towards self-improvement, a specific month is usually pertained to as self-improvement month every school year. In such circumstances, there are celebrations and various activities that further promote and encourage young people to always change for the better.

Efforts toward self-improvement do not, in any way, contradict with the uniqueness of an individual. It is true that every person has his own capabilities. However, these individual strengths are never limited. They can always improve. Thus, capabilities are preserved and, at the same time, enhanced with self-improvement.

Prior to the actual self-improvement month, interviews with the students are often conducted by the guidance counsellor. This is to assess further the students in terms of their concerns or maybe needs regarding self-improvement. Students are also given the opportunity to give suggestions as to how the month will be celebrated.

After those sessions with the guidance counsellor, the students are often tasked to prepare something, which will highlight their strengths, for a program. They can write a poem, compose a song, paint for an exhibit, conceptualize a dance production, and many others. They are often given the freedom to prepare for the line-up of the entire program.

Also, although this is practiced by most schools even if it is not self-improvement month, the students are asked to maintain a journal where they can log what they want to improve in themselves and what they have already observed to have been achieved. For example, a student can write about improving his planning skills. At the right side of it, after some time, he can jot down whatever accomplishments he may have done in relation to it. For instance, he can write that he was able to help his father plan for a party for their family business. Although generally minor in nature, it is still an important milestone that has to do with his goals toward self-improvement. The entries are regularly discussed with the guidance counsellor or class adviser and reflections are properly facilitated.

Self-improvement months are also oftentimes characterized by line-ups of collages and murals along the corridor. Teachers assign topics related to self-improvement and students form groups and create a collage out of the topic which they will later on present in front of the class. Sometimes, a competition is also being set forth to add more excitement.

Contests are really inevitable because such encourage the students to bring out their full potential. There are usually writing, singing, cooking, painting, and many other types of contests. What is important is that the students have a venue to showcase their talents and are challenged to make them even better.

Possible activities for self-improvement month are endless. Everyone should remember, though, that these activities must emphasize that each one should yearn to be a better person and maximize all opportunities for self-improvement available. Students are in their formative years. Thus, it is essential that they understand, early on, that a person’s capabilities are limitless as well. There is still so much to bring out and so much to share to others.

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