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Happiness is a Warm Gun - An Explanation on the Beatles' Song

from: Christine Gray

Happiness is a Warm Gun was included in the White Album that was released in November of 1968. It was a song written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon that had an original working title of Happiness is a Warm Gun in Your Hand.

The Beatles is sure to have shaken the world from the classic to rock and music has never been the same again. The greatest band that has ever lived, so the fans say.

For ten years, they have reigned in the hit charts and have sent so many number ones. It was inevitable that many of their songs had been discussed and years later, were still being discussed by many. We had seen how "Yesterday" reached the various corners of the world. And we had seen how their albums sold millions of dollars. They truly were a legend but not only because the public embraced them and they have prospered in that. But because they truly had created songs that left marks in the souls and beings of all those who had listened.

Many years have passed and only half of the band members were left and still they are the unforgotten Beatles.

Their songs had been analyzed and discussed since they were first released. And one of the many that had gathered so much attention is the song – Happiness is a Warm Gun.

As John Lennon claimed, the song was a sort of rock and roll history covered in a less than three-minute song. This was largely due to the obvious fact that the song was made using the five sections of rock and roll.

With a beginning as a brief tilting section, which was followed by the mixture of distorted guitar, drums and bass guitar in the following shift. This part was thought to be an absurd imagery of Lennon's acid trip-like experience.

Following this part was an ominous section that would be taken into a juncture of repetitive verses. And finally, the sections of rock and roll history ended with doo-wop part and back up vocals.

This song was interesting not only because it used various shifts of instruments and song moods but it also had intriguing lyrics that send many people to wonder what they truly meant.

Central to this issue was the observation that it implied talks on sexual intercourse, firearms and heroine use. Over all it created an image of self-satisfaction or happiness at another person's expense. The lyrics were obviously made as reference to these claims. Though many had already shared their opinions with what the song truly wanted to convey, it is still an undisputed controversy for whether it truly bear the three main subjects as many may claim. It was not even clear if the three main contents were truly what the songwriter meant or the song was, like many of The Beatles' songs must not be taken by their literal meaning

It was said that the title itself was taken from a magazine advertisement which says- Happiness is a warm gun in your hand" which incidentally was the original title of the track.

But whatever meaning the song has no one can still decide. Many claimed of euphemism and many say of obvious analogy. In the end, it sure had the meaning that it intended to tell but the interpretation was left for the listeners to give.

C Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of happiness. Her website www.selfimprovementsguide.com provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about self improvement. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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